Tuesday, September 22, 2020

In-Play and Live Betting Using the Internet

There are many reasons sports betting on the internet is more ideal than using a live bookie. The primary reason relates to Indian gambling laws which state gambling debts are unenforceable, meaning if a bookie doesn’t pay you there is no recourse. When betting online however, you can use UK licensed bookmakers that are fully legal under European and International law. These sites are heavily regulated and the proper channels exist to quickly mitigate player/bookmaker disputes. Outside the legal issues, internet bookmakers offer far more markets than bookies do. One of the many features you’ll find online that you won’t find locally is Live Betting.

Live Cricket Betting

Live Betting at betfair and 138.com is one of the many online betting sites offering in-play wagering on cricket. Here you can watch cricket matches live right on their website. During the match the odds change and you’re able to make wagers on the adjusted odds, this is called “In-Play wagering”. In addition to betting on the team you feel will win you can bet on virtually all other aspect of the match. When a batsman steps up the crease you can make wagers on over/under the runs scored by that player. As each ball is bowled you can speculate the runs scored on it. You can bet on how many wickets will be lost before a number of runs are scored and much more. For details refer to either www.bet365.com or our page on live cricket betting.

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